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Dear children and young peolple,

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The campaign SOS for Human Rights and the GRIPS-Theatre-play travelled for more than two years through Germany and some neighbouring countries.

In december 2012 this lead to a big, final PROTESTKULT(O)UR; a trip to the EU-parliament in Brussels and the JoG-Conference (Conference of the Youth without borders) in Rostock (see chapter SOS in Brussels).

This website is now a documentation of the many actions and performances taken by SOS for Human Rights. Further it shows the commitment of many people for children- and human rights for refugees until december 2012.

The SOS for Human Rights-petition stays in the web unter www.change.org http://www.change.org/de/Petitionen/sos-for-human-rights and can be subscribed there.

The play (in English language as well) was published and can be obtained for performing at Theaterverlag Karl Mahnke:

Theaterverlag Karl Mahnke

Große Straße 108

27283 Verden

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What is SOS for Human Rights ?

  • a play about refugees and their perilous ways to Europe in search of humane conditions.

  • a campaign for human rights of refugees at the external borders and inside the European Union.

The play as well as the campaign SOS for Human Rights is initiated by GRIPS Theater, den Flüchtlingsräten Berlin and Brandenburg, Borderline Europe, Jugendlichen ohne Grenzen , Beratungsstelle WeGe ins Leben e.V., GEW and PRO ASYL.

The appeal as petition to the politicians of the European Union:



SOS for Human Rights support the german campaign

"Jetzt erst Recht(e) für Flüchtlingskinder!"

("Equal rights for refugees children here and now!")

Participate! Sign the appeal

against the discrimination of refugees children!


Kampagne: Kinderrechte kennen keine Herkunft



Everything about the actions of Hier Geblieben!

and SOS for Human Rights in 2010

are in our documentation (german) to download (PDF)


More about SOS for Human Rights at UNHCR

-United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees-


Support the demands of Jugendliche ohne Grenzen (youth without borders).



SOS for Human Rights

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