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SOS for Human Rights

Appeal from "Jugendlichen ohne Grenzen"

(Youth without borders)

This appeal is part of the campaign SOS for Human Rights from the refugees initiative „Jugendliche ohne Grenzen“ (youth without borders) as well as GRIPS Theater Berlin, Flüchtlingsrat Berlin (refugee council Berlin), Flüchtlingsrat Brandenburg (refugee council Brandenburg), Borderline Europe, PRO ASYL, GEW und WeGe ins Leben e.V.

Appeal to EU politicians – in the villages, the cities, the regions and the countries of the European Union and the EU Parliament

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are children and youths of this world. Although we are different from each other we all live together on earth. That is why we want to lobby together with you for a better world for everybody: For a better world in which everybody is able to feel welcome and at home without fear. For a world without racism in which everybody can move freely and no human being is excluded, fought, deported, punished or discriminated against because of his or her age, sex, skin-colour, religion or origin. 

Human Rights do not know any borders!

Unfortunately we have to declare that the UN Children’s and Human’s Rights are not fully implemented in the European Union. The origin of your passport gives you a different status in law in the countries of Europe. There are deadly border security programs and installations.  The freedom of movement for Non- Europeans is strongly limited. People are put into camps and jails or are deported against their will and without having acted against the law that is applicable to Europeans. 

We call it a two-class-democracy in Europe where through state authority and racism the Children’s and Human Rights are neglected and there is a general lack of respect for human beings. We assertain that Europe is fighting an undeclared war against refugees. 

You call us the future, but we are the present and that’s why we demand for the future and for the present:

Equal rights for everyone!

Do not lock the borders of Europe but protect the lives of the refugees! 
Human Rights are valid on the open sea as well!

End the operations of FRONTEX which are against human rights and stop the rejection of refugees on the EU borders. 
Help actively to save the people who are on their way to Europe und do not let the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean continue to be a mass grave. Support the life-savers like the Tunisian fishermen who rescued the refugees instead of indicting them.

Open up the borders of Europe for refugees and keep the escape routes from conflict areas free. Speak up for global freedom of movement. Every person should have the right to live at the place or in the county of his choice. 

End the European Unions undeclared war against refugees and migrants!

Finally create a global partnership by massively supporting the southern countries and by not accepting that they continue to be exploited, as promised by 189 Heads of States in the Millennium Development Goals.

Directly in Europe we demand from you:

Neither criminalize refugees nor the people who are helping them. Create laws that end the discrimination against the  refugees given tolerations and give the people without papers access to medical care, education and basic rights regarding work at least without being in danger of being deported!
Educate  administrations, police and military about racism. Campaign for respectful dealings with each other.
Create a foundation for living together and establish education and language course offers that are independent from one’s state of residence. 

Allow the people to care for themselves and give them a perspective by giving them the chance to work and to send their children to school so that they are able to learn a profession. Accomplish justice regarding education in Europe.

Abolish camp placements, deportation prisons, deportation, food packages, food stamps and family separation! Make global freedom of movement possible. Allow deported people to return if Europe has become their home.

Participate! Support our demands! 
SOS means helping and not looking away! Advocate actively for human and children’s rights in Europe and worldwide together with us!


Youths without borders

Appeal supported by: Flüchtlingsrat Bayern, BUMF, Internationale Liga für Menschenrechte, GRIPS Werke e.V., Komitee „SOS Mittelmeer - Lebensretter in Not“, Jugendnetz Wetzlar, Aktion Freiheit statt Angst e.V., Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau Wittenberg, büro für kulturelle angelegenheiten, PANTHEATER Hamburg, emanzipart, Barnimer Kampagne „Light me Amadeu“, Dokumentationsstelle der antirassistischen Initiative (ari) Berlin, OASE Berlin, Beratungsfachdienst für MigrantInnen des Diakonischen Werkes Potsdam, Bündnis gegen Lager Berlin/Brandenburg, Separated Children Deutschland e.V., Initiative gegen das Chipkartensystem, Theater Pfütze Nürnberg, Flüchtlingsrat Niedersachsen, Zentrum für politische Schönheit, alle bleiben!, ethecon, Die Tour der 1000 Brücken, Die Kleingeldprinzessin and You?



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